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Welcome to Children's Dentistry of Elko, where your child's dental health is our top priority. Our experienced pediatric dentist and friendly staff provide a comfortable and fun environment for children of all ages.

Dental Checkup in Elko, NV | Children's Dentistry of Elko


Regular checkup appointments with a pediatric dentist are essential for maintaining your child's oral health. Our checkups include a thorough examinattion, cleaning, and any necessary treatments to ensure your child's teeth and gums are healthy and strong.

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Teeth Cleaning Service Elko, NV | Children's Dentistry of Elko


At Children's Dentistry of Elko, we provide professional teeth cleaning for children of all ages. Our skilled dental staff will gently remove plaque and tartar, leaving your child's teeth sparkling clean and healthy.

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Dental Services Elko, NV | Children's Dentistry of Elko

Dental Sealants

Pediatric sedation is a safe and effective way to help children relax during dental procedures. It is used to help children who are particularly anxious, have a strong gag reflex, or have difficulty sitting still for an extended period.

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Pediatric Sedation Elko, NV | Children's Dentistry of Elko

Pediatric Sedation

Dental sealants are a clear or tooth-colored plastic coating applied to the chewing surfaces of the back teeth, where most cavities occur. They create a barrier that protects the tooth from plaque and bacteria, helping to prevent tooth decay. The application process is quick and painless and can be done on a single visit to our office.

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Restorative Dentistry Elko, NV | Children's Dentistry of Elko

Restorative Dentistry

We provide comprehensive restorative dental care for children of all ages. From fillings and crowns to more complex treatments, our experienced pediatric dentists use the latest techniques and materials to restore your child's oral health.

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Tooth Extractions Elko, NV | Children's Dentistry of Elko

Tooth Extractions

Tooth extractions are usually performed under local anesthesia to minimize the pain and discomfort. The procedure is typically done as a last resort for stubborn primary teeth or when a tooth is too damaged or decayed to be saved with a filling or other treatment.

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Restorative Dentistry Elko, NV | Children's Dentistry of Elko


Frenectomies are a type of oral surgery that involves removing a small piece of tissue, called the frenulum, that is causing functional or esthetic problems in the mouth. This procedure is commonly performed on infants and children to correct a tongue-tie or lip-tie.

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Special Needs Dentistry

Special needs dentistry is a specialized field that focuses on providing dental care for individuals with physical, cognitive, or emotional challenges. It is important for special needs patients to receive dental care that is tailored to their specific needs in order to ensure a positive and comfortable experience.

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Why Choose a Pediatric Dentist?

Pediatric dentists are trained to handle a child's unique emotional and physical needs and can explain dental procedures in a way that children can understand. We also use smaller equipment and special techniques to ensure that children are as comfortable as possible during dental procedures.

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